I am sure that you have gone through this situation: you have a position to fill, want to hire a great candidate and can't seem to find the right one. Whenever you manage to find someone of excellent quality, you cannot win them over, and they always find a reason not to accept your offer. 


When hiring, you want to get it right, and one wrong employee can cost you a lot of time and money. So, how do you find high-quality employees who will be just what your company needs?


Here are some best practices that will help you hire qualified candidates
  1. Working closely with recruiters: To ensure a good hire, work with your recruiter from the beginning. Define the role and job requirements to establish a clear idea of what candidates they should be looking for. By collaborating with your recruitment team, you can both ensure you're on the same page and increase the likelihood of finding the right person for the job.

  2. Pre-screening candidates: Interviewing takes up more than 50 percent of your recruiting time, so if you rush, you might end up with a candidate who doesn't fit the hiring criteria. Pre-screening candidates before the interview help reduce the 'time to hire.'

    Having access to Qualified Candidate Profiles (QCPs) will help you set expectations on candidate qualifications and match them to your job descriptions. QCPs are specific job descriptions & requirements that match your ideal candidate profile. The recruitment team can then benchmark the resumes with the pre-defined QCPs to qualify candidates even before scheduling their interviews. This helps ensure recruitment money is effectively spent while screening suitable candidates.

  3.  Staying on top of applicant communication: Let's face it: There's a lot to do when managing your candidates. You need to coordinate their interview schedules, provide feedback and – most importantly – manage the selection process. While some great tools like the HirePortal help you track, vet, and hire candidates, you still need to ensure that your recruiter consistently provides updates for applications to provide the candidate with a very personalized hiring experience. 

  4. Profiling candidates by competencies and behaviours: Sounds tricky? When hiring new employees, you want to find people who will contribute and fit well with the rest of the team. So how do you identify and choose a candidate with both qualities? Consider developing a method for profiling top potential job candidates by their competencies and behaviours using science-backed screening questions. You want to gain insight into their competencies, natural talents, and work behaviours than just their knowledge and experience.

It's frustrating dealing with multiple hiring channels that provide thousands of resumes and calls from unqualified candidates. It's challenging to find candidates that meet your hiring needs when job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn are not effective as how they used to be.

When you rely on job boards and social media, how do you separate qualified candidates from those who aren't?

If hiring managers & recruiters create a process that provides the job seeker with an outstanding experience, they will start attracting high-quality applicants. If you treat your job applicants just like your customers, your job is half done.


This is no easy task, but it is something that every company should strive for. In the end, successful hiring depends on great candidate experience.